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Mau5trap Goes Hollywood

Upon the end of his contract with Ultra Music on June 25, Joel Zimmerman, better known as musically-oriented rodent, deadmau5, will be colliding with Capitol Music Group, bringing the entire Mau5trap label with him.

Announced on the deadmau5 Facebook page, he partnership will provide new music, and a “pretty rad” new studio in Los Angeles for Mau5-y producers to exercise their abilities from. A busy deadmau5 produced a number of recent tracks, uploaded to his Soundcloud page, but he assured fans through his Twitter earlier this month that killer new music will release once his Ultra Music contract ends on the 25th.

His full statement from Facebook is below:

okay, here’s the big news! well, some of it anyway… Guess what!? mau5trap has now partnered up with Capitol Music Group! yay! What does that even mean? well i’ll tell you… As of now, mau5trap will be operated in the capitol records building in hollywood… which is a pretty rad location. were also building a new studio right here for our new artists and myself so we can get to work! In fact, weve already started! (temp studio in the building for now until the new buildout is complete) complete with new staff, new artists, and most importantly, new music! and streams!!! streams streams streams! the 100mbit line is being installed this week, tricaster up! shall be amazing once again! 🙂 we’re loving our new home, and can’t wait to see what comes out of this!

These big changes for Mr. Mau5 might make his rise more colossal. Keep in touch for future updates on new Capitol Music sponsored mau5tracks.

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