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Madeon Releases Teaser Trailer of “Technicolor”

French producer and DJ, Madeon teases fans with snippets of his forthcoming single, “Technicolor”.

Madeon tweeted the newest goosebump-inducing trailer of the track over the weekend, which captures him in the midst of a high-energy performance to an equally lively crowd. Just as we get into the groove of “Technicolor”, the trailer cuts to a shot with the date August 3, the song’s release date. The track feels like a continuation of his 2012 release, “Icarus”, which catapulted him into the spotlight and solidified his position as a sought after producer in dance music.

Since entering the World of dance music, Madeon has not released a full-length album or EP. He admitted to Inthemix that he was not “the most productive producer,” citing his perfectionist tendencies as the reason behind this, but that a full-length album was most definitely in the future. Recently, the 19-year-old producer collaborated with pop star, Lady Gaga in her forthcoming album “ARTPOP” available to pre-order on iTunes August 19.

Fans can purchase “Technicolor” on Madeon’s website or download an exclusive release of it through Beatport on August 3.

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