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Nicky Romero Diagnosed With Glandular Fever (Mono)

Due to a hectic life on the road, rising progressive star Nicky Romero is put to bedrest per doctors instruction after being diagnosed with Glandular Fever, better known as mono.

The Dutch DJ updated fans through a Facebook post (below) on July 3, letting them know how sorry he was that he had to cancel shows due to his condition.

Since the disease attack the immune system, rest and relaxation are the only ways to get through it. Considering the huge rise in 2013 he’s been having so far, it is a well earned break from the madness to get better.

He fully intends on making it up to those people who have to miss out, especially to Montreal who’s missed out a couple times now after show cancellations in late May. I’m sure he’ll go far beyond that promise for his fans across the world.

Hi Guys,

I wanted to give you a brief update on a recent development in my personal life. Over the last few months, I have not been feeling very well. My body has been letting me down and I have not been feeling fit or healthy at all. After extensive tests, scans, and blood samples, I finally found out what is wrong with me: I was diagnosed with glandular fever (mono). My management and the rest of my team have been trying to handle the overall disappointment (both mine and yours), angry tweets and emails the best they can, but I felt like I needed to come out and address you guys on a personal level.

These past few months have been difficult times because focusing on my health and eating properly while on the road is paramount for me. I do this because keeping a sound body and mind, without any negative influences like alcohol or cigarettes, is the best choice for me when it comes to living my life. At the end of May, I could not cope with my illness anymore and had to cancel a lot of gigs. Anyone that knows me well knows how hard it is for me to cancel anything, period. Producing and playing music is my life, and if there is one thing I hate most, it is letting people down – especially my fans.

When I was diagnosed with mono, I was told that it is an illness that attacks your immune system, and the only way to recover from it is complete rest. This was a bit of a shock for me, but knowing what was wrong allowed me to get a team of specialists, doctors and dietitians on the case to advise me in the best way possible.

Even though I cancelled loads of gigs as per strict doctors’ orders, I tried to produce and at least put in an occasional hour of work to try to keep some form of rhythm, stay in touch with my creativity, and not go completely mental or give into this illness. I hate not being able to work. Not being in the studio creates an empty, unsatisfied and distraught feeling in the core of my being. Sometimes it feels like someone has chopped off my arms, and I can only look at my studio equipment, but do nothing.

Although I have to rest, I am trying to cope with my illness the best that I can and fight. The problem with this condition is that you just don’t know how sick you’ll be from it, and every day is different, which is frustrating to say the least. I have told a few close fans about my condition, but I felt the need to address everyone due to some recent developments, specifically having to let down my fans in Montreal twice in a row. That cancellation fiercely eats away at me, but I wanted to give a big shout out to you guys. I will make it up to you I promise!!

I understand that sometimes it might seem like I am doing great, and certain posts or tweets I have sent can make it seem that way, but they are taken out of context a little, because in the next instant, I would feel exhausted and not be able to do anything. I wanted to open up to everyone that has made an effort to follow me and support my music and myself as an artist. I felt I owed this to you as my love goes out to all you guys! I have been prescribed a special diet and I visit my physicians on a regular basis.

Every day is a step towards feeling better. I hope that everyone can understand my situation and accept my apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused you. I am working on my recovery every day in order to come back with a vengeance. I will try to keep you guys updated as best as I can!

Many thanks & Love, Nicky

Get well soon, Nicky!

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