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Kaskade’s New Atmosphere LP Out Tomorrow, Streaming Now

Thanks to a collaboration with Rolling Stone, Kaskade has made his new album available to stream in its entirety on the web. The new Atmosphere LP features a different side of Kaskade as he plays with some more classical sounds and touches on a deeper side of house music in some tracks as well.

The version of “No One Knows Who We Are” on this album will haunt you with the beautiful orchestral sounds, and you’ll find that the heavy beats and club-banger drop many of us have heard on this song are completely missing. It’s dynamics like this that deliver a unique listening experience with Atmosphere.

However, the real treat on this album is the title track “Atmosphere”, which features Kaskade as the lead vocalist for the first time. In a feature interview with Rolling Stone Kaskade said “…the time was right, and it was the right song for me to sing.”

In listening to Atmosphere, it would seem that the entire album from beginning to end was meant to take the listener through a journey-and with track titles that read more like itineraries (ie. “MIA to LAS” and “LAX to JFK”) that may have been exactly what Kaskade intended for it to be.

The album’s official release is September 10, and Kaskade kicks of his Atmosphere tour the following Saturday, September 14 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Source: “Kaskade Experiments With Classical on ‘Atmosphere’ – Album Premiere”

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