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Manufactured Superstars Release “Like Satellites” featuring Danni Rouge

The 2 fun loving, spacesuit-sporting, South Park-obsessing conquistadors of clubland return! From the new Prepare For Lift Off EP platform, the Superstars are about to put another 4 fine slabs of electronic dance music into the stratosphere.

Stage 1 of the upcoming Prepare For Lift Off EP achieves primary ignition with “Like Satellites.” Twining its vocal anthemia and sing-a-long radio appeal, Danni Rouge has “Lift Off” heading to the heavens. Having previously toplined the tracks of Rusko and others, she brings the same magical, accessible catch to the lyrics and moving tones to its vocals.

With the chunky drum and percussion loops and illustrious synths manufacturing an electrifying storm in the break, at the top of the drop “Satellites” is hurled clean into orbit. Further into September Manufactured Superstars will be premiering more tracks. Come the end of the mouth the countdown clock will reach zero and the “Prepare For Lift Off Tour” will launch, taking in dates around the U.S. are far beyond.

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