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Camo & Krooked Newest Disco-Inspired Single Thrills

Music critics proclaimed that disco was dead and would never return to the nightclub scene. Well music critics of the world let me introduce you to Camo & Krooked’s newest album Zeitgeist and their single, “Loving You Is Easy”. The French house, disco infused 15-track album is busting with funky basslines, groovy piano melodies and soulful vocal samples.

Camo & Krooked – Loving You Is Easy – Official Video

“Loving You Is Easy” is the third single off their second album released on Hospital Records. Following up their 2011 debut album, Cross The Line, Zeitgeist deviates from heavy drum and bass sounds into smooth, melodic phrases. The combination of such different genres makes for a unique listening experience that should really be enjoyed live. “Loving You Is Easy” encompasses all of these elements perfectly. The single is accompanied by an interesting video inspired by an 80’s thriller. You can purchase Zeitgeist out now on Beatport.

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