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Gramatik Presents “The Age of Reason” in Association with BitTorrent

Out now and free to download on BitTorrent comes hotly anticipated LP, The Age Of Reason. After a year hiatus from a full-length release, the 15-track album is the delivery his cult and devoted fan base have been waiting for, and with BitTorrent by his side, it’s also the message he has been working to ingrain throughout his illustrious career. Not only a stunning and diverse journey through a range of unique sounds, The Age Of Reason seeks to create a dialogue of “freeing music by making music free” amongst the business and public alike.

Perhaps his most ambitious record to date, The Age Of Reason is an amalgamation of samples and live instrumentals so varied it’s like nothing heard ever before from himself, nor fellow producers alike. A master class through each individual track, he harmonies elements of soul and blues with rock and hip-hop, by way of dubstep and electro and all the way back. Easing the listener in with “Brave Men,” we settle with a familiar album intro from any artist before all hell breaks loose in typical Gramatik style.

In conversation with BitTorrent, Denis chatted about the album itself, the future of his music and the future music in general. Here’s what he had to say to the download giant. “An enlightened music industry would first lose the word “industry” from its name. I guess like any other enlightened system. It would be strongly based on fairness on all possible fronts. Everything else is just maintenance. I don’t believe I’ll witness that change in my lifetime, but I’ll do everything I can to help it become a reality for the next generation.”

Pushing this discussion of free music even further, Gramatik also wants to provide his fans with the element of choice. As such, the record is also available to purchase at the following major outlets: The Age Of Reason marks an incredible start to the year for Gramatik and in characteristic style it’s not long till he takes the record on the road. Sit tight for details on the upcoming tour dates.

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