Relentless Beats

The Queen of Rocktronica

On the heels of her Unleash the Beat Platinum Mix compilation release, JES might seems like her career has gotten to a point where smooth operation has become the norm…well, that’s exactly why us assumers don’t have music careers.

“Like most long term achievements it’s the determination and drive combined with focus and discipline to keep going regardless of the ups and downs that creates success and stability,” says the American Electronic Goddess. “I try to maintain the same work ethic and principles that I had when I was starting and that feeds my passion for creating music.”

Her hard work is paying dividends. As a live singer on tour with Tiesto to her exploding DJ career, JES built a brand in the trance scene that captivated her upon her arrival in Los Angeles from her hometown in NYC. Trance’s vocal royalty gave back by giving fans an enticing voice to swoon over. Her talent and her elbow grease brought her to the forefront of the genre, getting radio plays that pulled her hunger for more.

“I think the defining moment for me was hearing my music on the radio for the first time,” she said. “It was kind of a surreal thing because you’ve been hoping for that moment for so long when it finally happens! There have been lots of other defining moments as well. A big turning point for me was when I was making enough money out of music to not have to take other jobs. That is a huge confidence booster and terribly frightening at the same time. You’re thinking, “Oh my god I did it” and “Oh no, what if it stops?“ at exactly the same time.”

JES – Unleash The Beat (Platinum Mix)

Her third compilation, released on February 17, features the likes of Ferry Corsten, Shawn Mitiska and Aly & Fila, producing the perfect vibe for trance family members to appreciate, in her coming sets and on the album itself.

“It’s the best feeling as a performer when the audience gets really excited by what you’re doing so I try to keep that my focus. I like to use the idea of what a great night out for me is, and weave that dynamic into the mix and choice of tunes,” says JES. “The flow has to be absolutely perfect. I try to keep mixing from emotive vocals (which move the audience in a different way) to uplifting or deep instrumentals that make me want to get into the rhythm or put my hands in the air.”

Mixes and efforts with LTN, ATB, BT and many more in the alphabet soup of EDM will define the year for JES, but maybe some secrets lie within the months ahead.

“Well they wouldn’t be secrets if I tell you, would they!” JES replied to my fruitless reconnaissance efforts, which leads me to believe that there are indeed secrets. She can be so coy. What else could we expect from the charming Queen of Rocktronica?

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