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Joel Fletcher Rounds Off North American Tour with New Mix

After scorching his way across the USA and Canada and leaving a trail of torn-up dance floors in his wake, Joel Fletcher now turns his attention to the European club circuit, but not without leaving fans with one hell of a “thank you.”

Showing his appreciation for the huge crowds, the godfather of Melbourne Bounce – whose “Swing” video just hit the magic 1 million mark on YouTube – dishes up a blistering 50 minute “Bounce To This” mix of pure basslines, tripped up rhythms and raging vocal lines that have established him as one of the biggest global talents to rise up this year.

Joel Fletcher – Swing

“The last few weeks have been such an incredible experience,” said Joel. “I’m stoked to see that people all over the world are loving Melbourne Bounce and really appreciated the music we’ve worked so hard on. North America was crazy, I’m pumped for what’s to come in Europe and Asia after. The mix is just my way of saying a huge thank you for everyone who has supported me up until now, with a special mention to all of those that have come out to support my shows on this crazy tour!”

After conquering the States and Canada, it’s the turn of clubs in Ireland, Scotland, England, France and Germany to experience the high-level energy that exudes from Joel’s live performances. With Ireland already conquered and dates in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Liverpool and Dortmund scheduled for the coming weeks, it seems a dead-cert that the booming influence of Melbourne Bounce will continue its path across the planet under the careful curation of Joel Fletcher.

If you haven’t yet caught up with one of the fastest growing scenes in electronic music, then “Bounce To This” and recent tracks “Swing” and “Loco” are the perfect indicators of what it is you’re missing out on.

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