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Florian Picasso Remixes “Get Me Outta Here”

Steadily making his breakthrough amongst the big names in the electronic music scene, Florian Picasso now unveils a remix that proves he’s here to stay. Remixing dance music veterans Steve Aoki and Flux Pavillion, Florian’s take on “Get Me Outta Here” is a full on electro smash, teasing sounds of the imminent festival season.

Never falling astray from his creative lineage, Florian maintains his family’s rich artistic history, translating his innate musical ability into the studio to turn out immense originals and innovative remixes to please his yearning fans. Keeping the euphoric top line intact, Florian ups the ante by adding ear piercing synths and frenetic bass kicks into the mix, making this a high energy dance anthem primed to get everyone jumping.

Florian’s latest rendering has been a mini movie on himself which documents his journey from Miami Music Week of last year, gigs in his home country as well as run-ins with Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, and Joachim Garraud. Now both seasoned and new Florian Picasso fans can have an inside glimpse into the life of this globetrotting DJ.

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