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Will Sparks Releases Video For “Another Land”

Will Sparks is starting the New Year off with a bang as he releases the official video for the title track from his storming debut EP, “Another Land.”

Will Sparks – Another Land

Released via Ultra Music last month, the Another Land EP was an undeniable success for the “Melbourne Bounce Maestro” as he assembled eight of his latest and greatest tracks into one colossal package. “Another Land,” which features Sparks himself on vocals, was one of the highlights of the EP praised for its fidgety synths and epic builds. The video plays host to three dancers and sees a fusion of ballet, break dance, and classical Indian dance that manages to inject further energy into the track. Staying true to the song title, the dancers are mysteriously teleported by the music out of their studios and into another land, just in time for the second huge drop.

Having played 156 shows worldwide in the last 12 months, including a host of sell out performances in major US cities as part of his “Bounce Bus Tour,” 2015 sees Sparks hit the ground running once again. With more tracks set for release on Ultra Music including “Flutatious,” the young Australian is also planning to launch his very own label as he continues to push the envelope of the Melbourne Bounce sound even further.

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