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The Relentless Beat of the Week: EDX – “Breathin'”

When an amazing opportunity presents itself, you take it. In honor of Relentless Beats having the amazing opportunity to premiere the new episode of EDX‘s radio podcast, No Xcuses episode 221, The Relentless Beat of the Week goes out to the entrancingly chill tune, “Breathin'” by EDX!

This track was a massive success in 2014 and awakened a sense of bliss in all that listened. As with the lyrics of most EDX songs, “Breathin'” creates a sense of comfort in the listener asking us to “take my love inside your lungs, so you can be breathin’ underwater.” The soft and reassuring vocals lend to the lyrics by providing listeners with a voice that is guaranteed to relax all of our inhibitions and do away with all of our stress. This is the perfect song to compliment a relaxing day in the sun, imagining what your summer might hold in store for you. Check out the song that truly caused me to fall in love with the soothing sounds of EDX:

If this track is one that strikes your fancy do not forget to check out the premiere of EDX’s No Xcuses #221 here! This weeks episode includes music from Futuristic Polar Bears, Sam Feldt, Clean Bandit, and even Nero! Catch him out in Las Vegas at EDC June 19-21!


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