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NERO is bringing ‘The Thrill’ to Sunbar on July 8th!

The renowned British electronic music group known as NERO is set to captivate the audience with their signature dark and melodic sound at Sunbar in Tempe, Arizona this Saturday, July 8, 2023. This highly anticipated performance is part of NERO’s ongoing tour, which has been taking them to esteemed clubs and festivals across the globe, and we are excited to host them at our very own Sunbar.

With their distinctive fusion of dubstep, drum & bass, and electronica, NERO has carved out a unique niche within the music industry. Their compositions are characterized by a hauntingly atmospheric vibe, complemented by an infectious beat and soaring melodies. The duo has garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success with the release of their two studio albums, namely Welcome Reality in 2011 and Between II Worlds in 2015.

Expect an electrifying and visually mesmerizing experience at NERO’s live shows. Their performances are renowned for their boundless energy and stunning visuals, as they employ an array of lights and lasers to immerse the audience in a captivating show. NERO has incorporated live elements such as guitar and vocals in the past, and Sunbar should expect a great show as they showcase their musical talent. Anticipate hearing classics such as “The Thrill” and “Promises,” as well as unreleased tunes that will keep you dancing nonstop throughout the night.

The Sunbar show promises an unforgettable night filled with pulsating basslines, ethereal melodies, and an ambiance filled with lasers and lights. Join NERO on this sonic journey and revel in their unrivaled musical prowess on July 8th at Sunbar. Get your tickets here!

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