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Eric Prydz and GMUNK ‘Generate’ New Beautiful Visually Stimulating Video

Eric Prydz has a reputation for producing work that stimulates all senses, whether it’s aurally through his immaculate studio productions or visually  through his immersive live shows, he proven to have a determined creative vision for himself as an artist. As a visual artist, Eric Prydz as no doubt created his own identity, with completely original 3D animation to accompany his music, he captivates audiences around the world. With such creative persistence, no less can be expected from Eric Prydz than the stunning visuals he’s come up with for his latest music video that accompanies his single “Generate”.

Eric Prydz – Generate

The internationally renowned producer teamed up with GMUNK, a director from San Francisco who has been credited with hologram and UI work done in major Hollywood films such as Tron and Oblivion and also lead design for the projection mapping project, BOX. The video, however, was not created using any CGI, instead GMUNK collaborated with Symmetry Labs, where using their 3D LED ‘Sugar Cube’ installation, they added concave and convex mirrors to augment the cubes. The team also built custom perforated tunnels and did refraction studies on silicon balls backlit by screens and projection. The result was an engagingly beautiful optical treat. As the camera tunnels down, viewers’ eyes are treated to kaleidoscopic fractals that create an absolutely mesmerizing experience. Be sure to experience the music video for this Beatport topping track for yourself. Also be sure to listen to the Kölsch remix.

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