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Flume Gets Under Our Skin with “Some Minds” Music Video

Australia’s most accomplished progressive house producer, Harley Streten, or Flume, has just dropped a new music video today and lets just say it is appropriately haunting. The new video for “Some Minds”, featuring lyrics by Miike Snow‘s Andrew Wyatt, shows Flume integrating the exponentially growing genre of Future House into his music. The opening starts with Andrew Wyatt’s haunting voice and imagery of the Sydney Opera House in which the video was filmed. The video has a very eerie feel to it as Harley traverses through the building gliding above the ground. The video was shot in a single night during the closing hours of the Opera House with director, Clemens Habicht, and features very stylish and sinister choreography from Australian ballet member, Callum Linnane.

Flume – “Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)” (Official Music Video)

This is the first single from Flume in 2015 and is his first original song since his 2013 LP, Lockjaw. It can be assumed that this single will appear on his long awaited sophomore album, but it has yet to be confirmed. In regards to the production of the track, Flume talks about how his collaboration with Andrew Wyatt was one of the most natural he’d ever experienced and goes on to state why this song is different than others. He says, “I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to being satisfied with new material, I am always trying to push myself. ‘Some Minds’ is a song, not a track which is what I was trying to achieve with this one.” And quite the song it is! Just that last bit at the end on the stage gives me goosebumps…

In regards to having the amazing opportunity of shooting inside of the Sydney Opera House, his homeland’s most notable landmark, Harley shows regard to how nice it is to come home from touring and spend time in a place that represents his country. According to Harley, “It was humbling to be able to make something in a building so iconic. Being inside the Sydney Opera House filming overnight with no one in the building, it was quite eerie, the place has so much character.” Flume and his director, Clemens Habicht were so perfectly able to catch the monument’s character and blend it with the synthetically ominous, yet totally real feel of “Some Minds”. “It’s our love letter to Sydney” he claims.

To commemorate his heritage, as well as to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Future Classic: FCX Ten Year’s of Future Classic Event, Flume will be performing at the Sydney Opera House both Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th. The official release date of “Some Minds” correlates with this massive performance and will be available for purchase on May 29th. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch Flume on June 18th at the Pressroom in Phoenix, where you will certainly be hearing “Some Minds” among other Flume classics.

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