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Adam Lambert “Ghost Town” (Tritonal Official Remix) Out Now

Tritonal are gifting fans a massive coup in the shape of a free fan download of their official Adam Lambert “Ghost Town” remix.

It’s safe to say that Chad and Dave are on an absolute mother of a roll of late. Not content with crafting one of this summer’s biggest anthems in the shape of their Cash Cash collaboration “Untouchable” and announcing one of the biggest tours to hit America and Canada this year, the Texan duo were called upon by former American Idol star and current Queen front man Lambert to remix “Ghost Town.”

Marking the pair’s official invasion into the world of pop, their interpretation of Lambert’s slice of pop heaven takes the acclaimed singer/songwriter away from his familiar home of daytime radio, placing him instead squarely within the darkened heart of the world’s biggest dance floors.

Tossing and turning the energy between Lambert’s seductive, aerated vocals and their own rampaging, relentless electronic energy, Tritonal craft an immense electro peak time banger that descends from the speakers like an out-of-control god of thunder with an attitude problem.

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