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American Idol 2.0: Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ

Well, this is controversial. Music critic and millionaire Simon Cowell has plans to launch yet another talent competition television program. This time, it’s something us ravers actually care about: A DJ search.

Spring 2016 will unleash a project unlike any other called Ultimate DJ. Cowell is graced with Patrick Moxey as his partner. Moxey is the founder of the label Ultra and is responsible for artists like Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Axwell and David Guetta.

How will this search work exactly? We’re not quite sure, but there are a few concerns that have been voiced by some DJs themselves. It is confirmed that Fat Boy Slim and Tiesto have declined offers to participate and are very skeptical of the idea. Fat Boy Slim was actually a bit mad, telling Cowell to “f*** off” when he was approached.

His major problem with the show is that the true test of a good DJ cannot be done in just two minutes onstage. It needs to be danced to, and experienced as a whole set.

NERVO is unsure how exactly they will be involved, but have implied they are going to be a part of this interesting new series in some way.

I’m worried that this show is defeating the purpose of EDM. “DJ” is the most popular job title anyone could have right now, and realistically EDM was never meant to be mainstream and on the radio.


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