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Arno Cost Premiere’s Latest Single “Coming Home”

In the last year, Arco Cost has recieved a wide range of support from EDM’s biggest names. Through a series of massive releases, such as his single “Strong”, which was released on Steve Angello’s Size Records, Arco Cost has solidified his name, not just as a leader, but as one of the leading names in the French house movement. The large amount of support Arno Cost has recieved from his fellow DJs, coupled with his releases on large labels has really paved the way to Arno Cost’s success, which has lead him to join Nicky Romeo’s label, Protocol Recordings, where he released his remix to Nicky Romero’s  “Feet On Your Ground”. Along with releases on notable labels and collaborations with some of the biggest names in EDM, he has also had music released by one of the biggest forces in electronic culture right now, Insomniac Records.

Arno Cost feat. James Newman “Coming Home” (Radio Edit)

With a series of hits that just don’t seem to quit, it seems that Arno Cost has got a lot more hits up his sleeve with his latest single, “Coming Home”, released on Armada Music.  Arno Cost’s unrelenting stream of hits solidifies his distinctive skills as a producer, captivating listeners with his sound that blends of disco and electronic and reflects an influence from pop music as well. In his latest single, “Coming Home”, Arno Cost keeps feet moving with an energetic beat, soaring melody, and sensual vocals that you’ll find yourself singing over and over again. Just in time for summer, this single arrives with a unique, upbeat set of rises and drops that is sure to hit many a festival stage by storm.

Be sure to check out Arno Cost’s latest single, “Coming Home”, available now.

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