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Matisse & Sadko Team Up with Raiden for ‘Light Me Up’

Like his work with Fedde Le Grande in “Hit the Club” and Dubvision in “Keep My Light On,” Raiden’s contributions in the house scene have always been unique club romps, sometimes with the catchiest vocal-hooks. House savants Matisse & Sadko recently contributed their zeitgeist of uplifting and powerful high energy production stylings to their new single with Raiden, titled “Light Me Up.” From the crystal-clean pristine vocals and an addictive, active ambient house melody, this new single from Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings brings the sugary-sweet pop synths to the dance floor.

Matisse & Sadko, Raiden – Light Me Up

During the synth-laden chorus, “Light Me Up” utilizes a classic rock-riff molded inside the confines of blaring synth. While Raiden is most likely responsible for the foundation of the digital percussion, Matisse and Sadko gave the track an addictive spin when adding in their own trademark of energetic electronica. Surprisingly enough for a pop-house number, “Light Me Up” also utilizes a fantastic melodic structure for the vocal line while continually making the track club-ready and radio-ready with its heavy respect for the sound engineering department. The inspiring lyrics combined with the gentle vocal approach make each percussion hit at the end of a measure much more powerful and display why “Light Me Up” has the chops to become the next hit off of the already-influential Protocol Recordings.

Pictured: Matisse & Sadko w/ Raiden

The potential “Light Me Up” has as a radio single is undeniable; As the catchy bassline interacts with the soft synths bobbing up-and-down, the raspy-yet-soft delivery of the feminine vocals add multiple layers to the masterful production created by Raiden, and Matisse & Sadko. Although Protocol Recordings have produced hits within the scene in the past, time will only tell if “Light Me Up” has the mainstream potential to further break into the American market.

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