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Gareth Emery Announces “Road to Electric for Life” North American Tour

Well would you look at that… Gareth Emery heard your calls and decided to open his heart and his schedule up to you all. Due to popular demand, Gareth Emery has added 14 new cities to his tour schedule and dubbed these dates as the “Road to Electric for Life”. Tickets went on sale on June 26th for this all-night club event tour leading up to his Electric for Life tour which consists of 3 arena shows in New York, Los Angeles, and London. The dates for the Road to ELF can be seen below:

8/7 – Stereo Live – Houston, TX 
8/8 – The Mid – Chicago, IL
8/14 – 1015 Folsom – San Francisco, CA
8/21 – Opera – Atlanta, GA
8/22 – Space Terrace – Miami, FL
8/28 – Celebrities – Vancouver, BC
10/16 – Uniun – Toronto, ON
10/17 – New City Gas – Montreal, QC
10/24 – Foundation – Seattle, WA
11/6 – Royale – Boston, MA
10/14 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
10/21– Shrine Exposition Hall – Los Angeles, CA
12/12 – Electric Brixton – London, UK

Coming straight from Gareth Emery’s Facebook page, here is what he had to say about the announcement:

OK so a few weeks back I announced all-night Arena sets in New York, Los Angeles, and London and something I heard a lot from people living elsewhere was “All night sets?! Hey? How about us?!”.

So over the past few weeks, I picked out ten of my favorite North American cities, and ten fantastic clubs with great light, sound, and production (important for the flow and build of a long set) and basically places where I knew an all night set would work.

Annnnd today, I’m really f*cking happy to announce The Road to Electric For Life. An all-night club tour leading up to the three area shows. Pretty stoked that we are going to get to do this in so many places now!

Each night will consist of an open to close Gareth Emery set where you are basically guaranteed to hear your favorite tunes from the Emery Bag of Goodies. Check out the website for the tour for more info and for tickets here. Also, Don’t miss Gareth Emery when he strolls through Phoenix for the Release Pool Party on August 2nd!

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