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Remix of Take On Me features Kygo, King of Tropical-House

If you never heard the original, do yourself a favor and make sure to listen to it by watching the official video below. I would have never in a million years predicted a remix of this song, but at least tropical master Kygo will be the one who mans the ship. He has apparently teamed up with Apple and the original composers of the song, A-Ha who are also native to Norway. Odds are that even if you don’t think you have, you probably have already heard this song in at least one movie. Kygo‘s dynamic style and sound is sure to turn this classic tune into a melodic fusion of house and synthpop.

A-Ha – Take On Me (Official Video)

You are probably wondering where Apple comes into the picture here. In case you forgot or were never informed, Apple Music started yesterday. Apple Music is a revolutionary new way to connect artists with their fans, it’s basically a huge integration of music streaming and social media. This gives artists a way of notifying their fans when they release new music, along with providing them a competitive and well built music listening platform that will integrate flawlessly with your Apple phone and/or Apple computer. Also in case you were worried, Apple went through the trouble of backing up your current iTunes collection. You don’t even have to take my word for it, or even their word for it because they are so confident in their new service that they are giving out 3-month free trials.

Oh, are you still wondering what Kygo‘s remix of a brilliant classic has to do with Apple Music? I’ll tell you what: You can only hear this soundtrack through Apple Music. Yes, they went there. So if advanced adaptivity and all the other amazing things that Apple Music provides wasn’t enough for you, now you probably feel inclined to go start your 3-month free trial. Even if it’s just to hear the exclusive soundtrack by Kygo, you might want to genuinely want to check out their new streaming service. Here are quotes from both A-Ha’s team and Kygo expressing their excitement for this collaboration.

“I am truly excited about having the opportunity to work with with A Ha and Apple to make this collaboration happen. I think it was a great idea, and been looking forward to show you guys this.

It’s exiting times in the streaming world and we are really excited Apple is behind this new genre of music we have created. They are always on top of what’s cool and new. Apple has always done things in an innovative way and we are excited they are behind this.”


“Reinventing a classic song like Take On Me is a great challenge, but I cannot think of a better candidate to take it on than Kygo!

Not only is he remarkably talented and has accomplished great international success in an impressive way.

He is also at the forefront of reinventing the music industry and I am very happy that he takes A-Ha along for the ride.”

– A-Ha Team

Make sure to go check out Apple Music, listen to this track, and experience all the other exclusives on Apple Music including Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. You can check out Apple Music here.

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