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The Mystery Marshmello

Several months ago a new and very talented producer exploded onto the scene after releasing just a few songs. Immediately the anonymous producer known as Marshmello was getting recognition from big league artists such as Jauz, Skrillex, and even made it into the official remixes pack for “Where Are Ü Now” by Jack Ü and Justin Bieber. Just recently Marshmello was also featured in Diplo’s monthly “Diplo and Friends” mix.

After an in depth investigation and a recent slip in a Skrillex interview there is one very possible suspect that is already a trap artist on the rise under another name. Jauz, Sikdope, Kayliox, and Dotcom are all managed by Moe Shalizi and each time any one of them posts a new track it is quickly retweeted and reposted on social media by the others and once Marshmello posted his first track it was also quickly reposted by each of them, indicating that it could very well be one of the four. In a recent interview between Katie Couric and Skrillex, Skrillex receives a phone call from someone named Chris who he quickly corrects calling him Marshmello and gives a shoutout saying he is a talent to watch out for. The name Chris is also the first name of Dotcom, Chris Comstock, which could be a coincidence but it’s definitely hard to discard.

So if you didn’t follow that basically Dotcom is our best guess right now and it is pretty hard to believe that any new producer could have such good quality music and high connections in the industry. We may get our final answer when Marshmello performs on Holy Ship but for now we will just have to wait and see.

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