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Find Yourself “Falling Away” With the New Seven Lions Single ft Lights

Last Friday saw the release of the stunning new Seven Lions single, “Falling Away”, which takes a different direction in the musical styling of Jeff Montalvo. “Falling Away”, featuring vocals by Canadian recording artist, Lights, ditches the melodic dubstep that we are used to hearing from Seven Lions in favor of a more consistently low-percussion level beat that evokes imagery of summer and relaxation. Although not quite falling into the category of tropical, this change of sound for Seven Lions certainly feels more on the lighter side.

However, the contrast between this and Seven Lion’s previous efforts, The Throes of Winter and Worlds Apart, is a pleasant change of pace for the producer who, with The Throes of Winter, released an EP full of dark and edgy vibes that were complimented nicely by his dulcet dub drops. “Falling Away”  does away with the break beats for a more four-to-the-floor sound, but with Seven Lions it is all about the atmosphere that his music creates and “Falling Away” absolutely succeeds in creating a memorable and solid destination for our minds eye.

In addition, Lights’ vocals on “Falling Away” are a dazzling display of the singers talents and her capability to maintain the female vocal aura of Seven Lions’ sound that has been marked by the vocal performances of previous collaborators, Kerli, Lynn Gunn, Fiora, and Tove Lo. Lights’ sweet vocals glide over the gentle tropics of the drum taps, creating a sensory whirlwind of both a subtlety and energy.

“Falling Away” is slated to be a part of Seven Lions’ upcoming Summer of the Occult series of releases. Based on this first release leading to the new EP, it would seem that this batch of new material from Jeff Montalvo will take on the brighter and more easy-going side of his musical capabilities. Seven Lions promises more to come in the days ahead, so be prepared to submerse yourself in his intricately crafted soundscapes in the months to come!

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