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#MomsWhoRave: Mothers By Day, Ravers By Night

When you think of EDM culture, it’s generally geared toward teenagers and college-aged adults who look forward to EDC to celebrate the end of a hard semester at school… not 30-somethings who look to Electric Zoo for a break from raising their children and their 9-5 job.

Last week FOX News released a segment on rave moms, focused on the popular Instagram account “Momswhorave.” The story associated the rave scene closely with drug abuse and irresponsible mothers. A doctor is featured explaining that the rave life is “nothing to celebrate” and is “a dangerous behavior that can lead to no good.”

Think about it; you’re counting down the days until you can see Yellow Claw at Mad Decent Block Party, and you listen to Sound Cloud while doing homework. Your next paycheck is going straight toward your new rave outfit and Dillon Francis is the background on your phone. In five or ten years, are you ready to give that all up to start a new electro-less life?

Watch the full segment below.

She has a few good points. The most alarming aspects of this interview with Nicole was 1) Admitting to taking Molly at raves. 2) The phrase “Why should you stop doing what you love? They come into your life, not you into theirs.” Umm…

What if this was your mom? Are you embarrassed or all about it?

No matter what age, I think we can all agree there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good house track. The problem is when you leave your kids at home for a weekend of drug-filled, provocative-outfit-wearing raving.

Parents go to concerts all the time, but we know EDM shows are a bit more…intense. Just because it’s an EDM show doesn’t mean that each attendee has to follow the social norms of activity and clothing while there. There’s huge dance music fans who attend raves fully clothed, maybe even in sweats or work out clothes (which is optimal for dancing your behind off). There are people who are completely sober through raves and enjoy it just as much, if not more.

Should mothers be expected to be these kinds of concert-goers? Or not attend the show at all? No person should have to give up a part of her life because society views it as untraditional as long as she isn’t doing anything to hurt her children. But that’s the big debate- is she harming her children? There are plenty of mothers out there who are unfit parents and have no idea what EDM is.

To sum it up, some people ruin the electronic dance music culture by promoting it as all about drugs and wearing no clothes, when the true nature of the music was to simply just dance the night away to your favorite DJ’s set.

Some moms go to book clubs. Some moms go to raves. And that’s the way it is.

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