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Weekly Underground Sound: Hannah Wants

Hannah Wants returns with another hard-hitting mix with a jam-packed tracklist. If Hannah Wants isn’t a name you’re familiar with, then prepare to clear out a few days because you’re absolutely going to want to binge on all the great beats she dishes out. A self-made woman, Hannah Wants’ career has been a culmination of her drive, belief in herself, and the willingness to take risks. Hailing from Birmingham in the UK, Hannah taught herself at young age the art of DJ’ing after having developed a great fascination with it. With roots in more than just garage house, Hannah Wants developed an incredibly unique mixing style that encompasses a plethora of sounds, influenced by funk, soul, R&B, decades music (80s and 90s), indie, and so much more that have added to Hannah Wants’ grand assortment of musical knowledge. In 2010, Hannah Wants took what became, ultimately,  one of the biggest risks of her career. With a determined musical soul and a vast music collection to match, Hannah Wants took to the white isle, Ibiza, in the summer of 2010 to try her hand at commandeering some of the most famous stages in the dance music culture and the rest became absolute history. Through DJ competitions, Hannah Wants fought her way onto some of the most prestigious stages in Ibiza, where she earned residencies and a following that only got bigger. Since then, her productions, mixtapes, and performances solidify her reputation  as bass music’s leading lady.

Hannah Wants – Mixtape 0715

Hannah Wants sets herself apart, not only in her unique stylings that can be heard in her meticulously curated 20+ track mixtapes, but also in the fact that she remains one of the few DJs that offers her monthly mixtapes as a free download to share amongst friends and music fans alike. Her most recent mixtape, Mixtape 0715, has proven to be no exception to her carefully crafted formula. In her latest mixtape, Hannah Wants touches upon the works from a variety of different artists, such as remixes of works from The Weeknd and Alicia Keys, original tracks from Billy Kenny and Dense & Pika, and includes a few tracks and remixes of her own. Without a doubt an innovator in her own right, Hannah Wants seamlessly brings so many sounds together and creates a masterpiece that keeps listeners completely reeled into her groove.

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