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Desert Hearts Music Festival Announces Three Year Anniversary Event

Do you enjoy nonstop House, Techno, and love? Desert Hearts is one of the leading innovators in the SoCal Micro-festival scene, and they just announced their 3rd annual Desert Hearts Festival! Taking place in the Highlands of Southern California, this 3 day gathering will culminate all the fun, love, and good vibes that Desert Hearts has stood for in their first 3 years. Some names that have appeared at this party in the past include Fur Coat, Thugfucker, M.A.N.D.Y, and the Desert Hearts DJ Crew consisting of Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs, and Deep Jesus. This family of DJ’s emulate the seemingly long forgotten family aesthetic that most electronic festivals fail to represent nowadays.

Desert Hearts 2 Year Anniversary Festival – Official Video

With the rise of other festivals where it’s all about which person is headlining and who was at the front for which stage, it’s a nice sigh of relief when a festival like Desert Hearts comes along to remind everyone its about being together. For those of you who will venture out into the desert this coming November to join the Desert Hearts family in their 100 hours of non stop fun, you are in for a treat. After taking the Desert Hearts family on the road all through 2015, the entire DJ team has proved that they are more than just a Southern California hit.

For 2015 thus far, Desert Hearts has been enjoying their best year yet, as they’ve delivered several outstanding releases on their label, in the midst of throwing a wildly successful Spring festival, and their first full-fledged City Hearts tour that is being talked about by many from coast to coast. This upcoming Fall festival will be a perfect way to cap off the year, and you know they’re going to pull all the stops to make it one for the books.

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