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DJ Diesel and Kyroman Slam Dunk “My Squads LIT”

We’re all anticipating Shaq… I mean, DJ Diesel’s… festival debut at TomorrowWorld this weekend that will also debut his new collab with Kyroman, “My Squads LIT.”

I had my doubts, but admittedly this trap track mixed with old school house drops is certainly a new club favorite. The TomorrowWorld crowd will go crazy when Diesel breaks this out. I can’t even stop bouncing at my desk while I listening to it right now.

It’s an original track that combines a mellow introduction with low vocals and an unexpected drop into a hard style house beat that transitions to a trap beat. It’s a hard pump-up song for sure. The NBA star definitely slam dunked his first production with the help of Miami based DJ Kyroman. This track will give you a surge of energy that will make you want to shuffle (or wish you could) with your squad.

Be sure to catch DJ Diesel’s debut at TomorrowWorld, and keep an eye out for what he’ll dribble down the court next.

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