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Lopezhouse Set to Release Debut EP on Dirtybird

Claude VonStroke’s sets seem to constantly be filled with secret weapons around every bass-filled corner. Well, one of those secret weapon tracks that brings dancefloors up to a whole different level comes from Spanish artist Lopezhouse. The new name on the Dirtybird label takes flight on “Mude Tod”, his debut release to the infamous San Francisco label. With dark melodic undertones that rise from the melodic build through out the track, Lopezhouse’s “Mud Tod” makes a perfect, but subtle reference to “Der Mude Tod” (The Weary Death).

This track has received a wide range of incredible reactions all across Europe and North America when label boss Claude VonStroke breaks it out toward the end of sets. Inspired perhaps by the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode, the track carries a post-punk attitude, further refined and mixed with a heavy kick drum and the subtleties of old school Detroit techno. Yet another example of the surprising evolution from the trailblazing imprint.

Lopezhouse – Mude Tod feat. Angela [PREVIEW]

Lopezhouse’s debut “Mude Tod” will be available on The Birdhouse, October 9th.

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