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RB Weekend Preview: You’re Never Going To Forget #LDW2015

Make sure to get some sleep this week because you won’t be getting any this weekend. Labor Day Weekend is upon us and we need to send summer off with a bang. A big bang it will be. This Labor Day Weekend we are bringing you some of the biggest names in the business as well as some artists you ought to know. We kick it off with a huge pool party that is set to rattle Talking Stick Resort harder than any of these storms that have swept through town. Zeds Dead kicks it off and will have b*tches (and dudes) dropping like flies. Following up the talented Canadian duo is Snails and Trollphace that very night at Monarch Theatre. Snails will be inciting vomit all over the Monarch so don’t even bother showering before the show. On Saturday, the legendary Laidback Luke comes to Release Pool Party, that is if there is anything left after Zeds Dead destroys it. If the pool is still there, Laidback Luke is sure to finish the job. And finally, we close out the weekend with a joint show between Bar Smith and The Monarch where both the RBDeep and RBTrance Family’s thirsts will be quenched. Catch Ilan Bluestone and Fehrplay at Monarch while Maxxi Soundsystem will be playing a special rooftop set at Bar Smith. Lets read into each artist below!

Who’s Zed? Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead… at Release Pool Party (9/5 11am) and Rialto Theatre (9/5   8pm)

This one’s big. Like, really big. The Canadian bass duo, Zeds Dead comes to Release Pool Party in Scottsdale and Rialto Theatre in Tucson on September 5th and trust me… you’re going to want to be there. Not only is it Zeds Dead, but it’s a holiday weekend, meaning that the pool will be packed and the crowd will be feeling it. DC and Hooks, the duo making up the creators of the unique cross of DnB, ambient, and electro music, have become known for pushing the boundaries. Beginning with a love for hip-hop, constantly trading and dissecting different samples, the two producers came together to produce beats of their own. As hip-hop slowly began to fall of the map, the duo took it into their own hands to do something different. That something different was the unique Zeds Dead sound we have come to appreciate. This music not only changed their lives… it changed ours too. Since their beginnings they have released a number of originals and remixes including last year’s Somewhere Else EP. Recent singles include “Collapse 2.0”, “Wit Me Dub”, and their collaboration with LOUDPVCK, “Flies”. Do. Not. Miss. This. Show.

Snails and TrollPhace Will Have You Puking Your Brains Out at Monarch Theatre (9/5   9pm)

Vomitstep is taking off and if you have never experienced it, I think it’s time to dip your toes. Step into the vomit puddle at Monarch Theatre this Saturday night where Snails and TrollPhace will demonstrate to you what it feels like to get sick. With beats that hit so hard your stomach will churn, these two are looking to close out your Saturday with a night full of green slime, sweat, and dancing… don’t slip. Snails is a strange fella and it reflects in his music. With heavily distorted tracks, Vomitstep uniquely, as UKF states it, “Take[s] the strange plips, plops and plonks you hear in many trap productions, turns them inside out, resamples them, cooks them, eats them, pukes them up” and there you have it. Check out this spotlight article on Snails where we take a deeper look into Vomitstep and Snails’ impact on the industry. Joining him is bass musician, TrollPhace, who recently collaborated with Skrillex on the extraordinarily popular remix of Yogi’s “Burial”. Check out some samples of each of these artist’s music below and don’t miss them this Saturday!

Get It Right and Party With Laidback Luke at Release Pool Party (9/6   11am)

Throw up your double L’s and prepare yourself for a legend to come to Talking Stick Resort. Closing out what has been an epic pool party season for Arizona, Laidback Luke will be shutting it down for us all. The owner and creator of Mixmash Records has had a lot on his plate the last few years, churning out hit after hit. His diversity is astounding, having created tracks with house artists like Chocolate Puma and Project 46, as well as mainstage artists like Martin Solveig and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. But in addition to his musical skills, Luke is also an advocator of maintaining an authentic and organic growth of electronic music and holding on to the passion that it all began with. We recently discovered that Laidback Luke is quite the writer and has a way with the words he uses to express his disappointment with the way dance culture has evolved. Check out what he had to say here. Don’t miss this artist, proficient in many forms, take to the Release Pool Party Stage on Sunday to close out our pool season… it’s been a fantastic one.

The Monarch/Bar Smith #LDW2015 Closeout with Ilan Bluestone/Fehrplay and Maxxi Soundsystem (9/6   9pm)

RBDeep and RB Trance Family unite! We are very lucky to have these three artists coming through Downtown Phoenix and all for the ticket price of just $20, or $15 Ilan Bluestone/Fehrplay, $10 Maxxi Soundsystem, however you decide to purchase your tickets. To begin, Ilan Bluestone and Fehrplay are coming in hot for their Anjunabeats Worldwide Tour, the Above & Beyond record label. Bluestone is a rapidly growing name in the trance world, responsible for his celebrated “On Our Own”, a collaboration with Israeli producer Maor Levi, to his eastern inspired “Namaste” and the incredible remix of “Remolino”, to remixing for Paul Van Dyk on the recent track “I Don’t Deserve You”. Inspired by A&B and Swedish House Mafia, this artist has some great role models to look up to for inspiration and support. In addition, Fehrplay, his partner in crime for the show, intends to blow you away with his good melodies and poignant grooves. Hey, you, Trance Family, you’re in for a treat.

Also, if the RBDeep circuit is more up you alley, walk into Bar Smith and up the stairs to the very special rooftop set by Maxxi Soundsystem. Coming from a musical family, Sam Watts had no choice but to take up music. After an arduous journey to where he his now, dabbling with business school and DnB before taking on Techno music, Maxxi Soundsystem has found his niche. His first EP would be created with the inspiration coming from a song he produced with his father. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, therefore Maxxi Soundsystem is on a hot streak to becoming a prominent name in the dance scene. Catch him now at an intimate venue as such, it may not happen again!

That’s it folks. Or is it…

Oh yeah, and there’s this little festival, I think it’s called Nocturnal something. NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND! That’s it. I think they’re having their 20th Anniversary or something. You can get your tickets to that too! All jokes aside, check out this awesome video highlighting 20 years of Nocturnal Wonderland and get your tickets here!

Dancing in the Dark: 20 Years of Nocturnal Wonderland

Never Forget LDW2015. Never.

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