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Steve Aoki Becomes A Video Game Character

World renowned DJ/producer, Steve Aoki has just been turned into a video game character in NetEase’s ‘Speedy Ninja’. ‘Speedy Ninja’ is an endless runner game where the user has to dodge obstacles and run as far as they can, much like Temple Run. The designers left no stone unturned as Aoki’s character has the long flowing hair, carries a microphone instead of a sword, throws cakes at the enemies, and they even included the inflatable rafts used to crowd surf at his concerts. Aoki performed at the game’s release party at PAX Prime and had this to say about the game, “The first time I saw my character I was totally blown away by the design. The NetEase game team nailed it! I love the flowing hair, the cakes, and even the inflatable rafts; all those elements that are unique to my show. I can’t wait for my fans to check it out!”


Aoki is no stranger to Arizona, most recently stopping in Tucson & Phoenix in February on his Neon Future tour he will be returning to Tucson for N9NE Fest on October 2nd alongside the one and only DJ Carnage!

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