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Symbiosis 2015 A Festival Masterpiece

A DJ named FreQ Nasty quoted a man “The purpose of art is to wash the dirt off our souls.” It carried through the workshop as the theme for the class as he and his partner spoke about living your Dharma and true passion through art and music.

It is called Bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all beings, accompanied by a falling away of the attachment to the illusion of an existing self. This small “self” is all about comparison and the Ego, the goal is to get closer to the source, the large “Self” which is centered around connection and compassion.

To awaken from this illusion is to live without judgement, attachment, and aversion and to BE HERE NOW. The idea is to enlighten yourself and everyone around you. Everything you do in service to the sacred mission of peace and unity. It is all one big boat, and we are suppose to get on it together.

Symbiosis Gathering 2015 Experience the Spectacle

One of the premier “transformational festivals” in the world, for a good reason, is Symbiosis. The location is spectacular, nestled at the Woodward Reservoir Peninsula surrounded by 3 sides of sparkling lake in Oakdale, California. Everyone here regardless of social status and economic value is attending for only a few reasons. To find purpose in the chaos of the “modern world”, to deeply connected with people and the environment on a emotional and soul level, and to find balance within themselves. Your spirit is meant to be light and free, boundless like the sun. This liberation occurs at this festival.

The greatest minds in the conscious festival industry get together for this Bi-Annual event. They are not the “hippie” woods people that are escaping civilization to live amongst the trees. They are the movers and shakers, the influencers, the visionaries. They say that 90 percent of what most would call successful people; meditate daily, eat organically, and contribute to charity regularly . These creators are ahead of the curve, this conscious movement is spreading, and they came together to show how we can all model the culture displayed at Symbiosis in the real world.

I interviewed a lot of attendees, but one kid said it simply, “Everyone here is working towards healing themselves and the planet we live on, this festival draws in all the right people.”

It is not just the message of unconditional love, it is tangible workshops, sustainability efforts, non profit involvement and self development that is running 24 hours a day.
I didn’t even dance and enjoy one DJ until the Sunset Set done at Swimbiosis Stage Sunday Evening. I spent all of my time meditating at the love temple, eating holistic foods, watching live painting with world renown artists, swimming in the lake with hundreds of beautiful people, attending sound healing and yoga classes, listening to motivational speakers, and making some of the deepest connections humanly possible.

They had break dancing classes, kundalini yoga, and how to make a fire in the wilderness. All happening simultaneously. The only challenging part about the festival was wanting to be everywhere at once. The music was only a small fraction of the entertainment, Android Jones had a huge visionary art gallery, Lucent Dossier cirque du soleil experience and the Pyronauts amazing fire show was only two of 30 different performance troops that were displayed throughout the weekend. There was aerialists doing training classes right next to a body work and healing center! I could grab some amazing food and then walk into a cooking class and learn how to make it myself! If you were there for an entire month you would not be able to enjoy everything they have curated. Truly a masterpiece and something everyone should experience.

But that just means you have to come back for more when they host it in Oregon, August 2017. Strategically place at the exact time and location as a total Solar eclipse occurs over only a small portion of America!

Symbiosis sold out for the first time this year, and with hype around this next event that doesn’t take place for another 2 years, I will be one of thousands anticipating its tickets to be released. Let us move towards the next step of our collective liberation in style!

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