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Chris Bushnell Makes His Dim Mak debut with Free Download of “Need”

Chris Bushnell, known to many as ‘BINGO’ in his native city of Orlando, is a young house DJ and producer that is really making his mark on the music industry with his knack for remixing both modern and classic hip-hop tracks. After his recent set at CounterPoint Music Festival, Chris’ support is expanding on a much larger scale.

Chris’ latest move is his Dim Mak debut with his hot new bass house song “Need”. Dim Mak, Steve Aoki’s record label, has released punk, indie rock, hardcore, and electronic dance music. The song is being released on New Noise, Dim Mak’s free download platform which focuses on new, cutting-edge sounds from burgeoning artists across the genre spectrum. 

“Need” starts off with a steady house groove and then swiftly launches into a funky bass tune accentuated by muffled, heaving vocals. It’s got some super wubby sounds and an eargasmic melody. Although many artists have recently created music with this vibe, Chris Bushnell definitely hit the nail on the head with this track. Listening to it instantly submerges you into the super weird funky baseline and it’ll leave you wanting more.

The release of “Need” on Dim Mak is a pretty big deal for Chris Bushnell.  His label entrance celebrates the substantial and loyal following he’s built on SoundCloud, one that’s due to his knack for remixing both modern and classic hip-hop tracks. Make sure to look out for Chris Bushnell’s name in the future, because this new release is just the beginning of his long and successful future in the music industry.

Chris is also the founder of the music blog, Whether through his music, live shows or even his website, Chris has always opted for that which reflects his own taste rather than the fashion of the times. It’s this attitude that has propelled him thus far in his young career and will continue to drive him further for many years to come.

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