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Nero Goes Anime With ‘Into The Night’ Music Video

The London-born electronic superstars known as Nero have turned their new single ‘Into The Night’ into a thrilling Japanese anime-adventure.

The video was created by Nero-member Dan Stephens alongside director Mark Lundqvist, in tandem with their forthcoming release. This single follows Nero’s huge 2015 records ‘Two Minds’, ‘Satisfy’ and ‘The Thrill’. Due to the song’s uncharacteristic upbeat funk-house laden nature coupled with the anime styled visual accompaniment, the video is likely to draw some comparisons to Daft Punk’s classic animation for “One More Time.”

Speaking about the creative direction behind their new music video for “Into The Night” with wegotthiscovered, Nero stated: “It’s been a dream of ours to commission an animated video for one of our singles. We’re very proud of this one.”

‘Into The Night’ takes the viewer racing through the city on a motorcycle, dodging grenades, and cuts it with shots of an animated Alana, Joe and Dan throwing one hell of a show. As they do. The video’s plot seems to be an odd combination of Akira and Tron: Legacy, but with the Nero soundtrack behind it, it’s all just eye candy in the end.

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