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Kill Paris Remixes GRiZ’ ‘Stop Trippin’ For First Track as ‘Chill Harris’

Corey Baker, formerly known as Kill Paris, debuts his first track under newfound moniker Chill Harris. The name switch occurred following the Paris attacks on Nov. 13, 2015. While some fans were torn on the artist’s decision, Baker and his team have committed to it with a full rebrand.

Chill Harris has remixed GRiZ‘s track “Stop Trippin'” for his first release under his new name. The chilled-out rendition of fellow the Coloradoan’s funky hit featuring vocals by Ida Hawk is out now via All Good Records.

In the introduction to the track on Soundcloud, Baker stated: “I was stoked to Chill this remix out for my funk brother GRiZ and inspired by cruise control drives through the Rocky Mountains.”

In his reworking of GRiZ’s track, Baker compliments Hawk’s vibrant tone by reworking the melody a bit. He adds some new bass kicks into the breakdown to give the track an especially future bass sound.

I’d say Chill Harris’ first release was a success and can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

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