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Chase and Status – “Control” ft. Slaves: A Message of Rebellion

Chase & Status dropped their new music video on VEVO and it’s heavy.

The video, painted in black and white shows the group leading a rebellion against a police state. Classic Drum and Bass with a touch of that iconic UK Punk Rock sound delivers a heavy message: “You can’t F*%#ING control us.”

Chase & Status – Control ft. Slaves

“C O N T R O L” is shouted as a single man confronts a group of police officers in riot gear. Flashing to beaten people trapped in cages the song escalates, “I don’t wanna be that man” the singer shouts. “That’s not my plan.”

The song escalates and the single man becomes 1-2-3-4 people and more. The police force that was once outnumbering the people is routed, and the people, joined together, are able to rise up against the oppression of the police state.

Pay attention to the group of people selected to be in the video, the true diversity but also unity of the rebellion.

The video may be a response to the fear of police brutality in first world countries, or just some dudes who wanted to break stuff. That’s for you decided though.


The Drum and Bass duo from the UK met at the University of Manchester in 2003, and from there the stars were the limits. Comprised of Saul Milton (Chase), Will Kennard (Status), Andy Gangadeen and MC Rage. The group runs an independent label called MTA Records. Nero, Kove and Bakersville are just a few of the artists on their roster.

Chase and Status have also collaborated with acts like Cee Lo Green and Rihanna.

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