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Bear Grillz Finally Reveals Himself

Earlier this week we talked about how Zhu showed his face in his new music video, which was the first time he’d done so. Just days after that, our favorite bear, Bear Grillz, announced on Facebook that he is finally going to reveal his true identity, on national TV! In addition to this, he is also inviting any of his fans to submit an entry to be there with him when his identity is revealed. That’s a pretty sweet gig to put on for your fans though Bear, much respect for the philanthropy.


Looking at the image above, you’ll find all the details for the competition if you want to enter yourself. It’s pretty easy too! Just an email to Bear Grillz with why you’re his biggest fan and attach a photo! And then you can have a chance to not only see Bear Grillz and his true identity, but you’ll be right there next to him on TV when it happens!

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Source: YourEDM

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