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RB Exclusive Interview: Bear Grillz

It’s been an incredible summer for the half man, half bear producer, Bear Grillz. He released Prismata, a two-part album at the end of June, and has since embarked on an accompanying tour that runs through mid-December. This new project showcases Bear Grillz versatility and continued growth as an artist. We had the opportunity to chat with him about Prismata and more ahead of his upcoming performances in Phoenix and Albuquerque. Check it out below!

It’s been just over two months since the release of your two-part album, Prismata. How would you describe the project to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? 

I would say that there are sides of blending music and depending on the mood you are in, you might like one side better then the other. I wanted to elicit certain feelings when listening to each side, the dark side is full of energy and aggression in dubstep, and the light side is full of feelings in the melody. 

Between the Light and Dark versions, Prismata has 25 tracks! How long had you been working on these songs prior to the release? 

About a year at least. Tbh the album was supposed to launch in January but because of Covid things it ended up being pushed until June so I had a full 6 months to keep adding records. 

The album features a lot of incredible collaborations. What was it like working with so many artists on one project? 

It was great honestly! I always love doing my BG and friends body of works so I really wanted to create that side of the dark energy with all the heavy tracks. Then, being able to work with the vocalists on the light side was a totally different experience. Both equally satisfying!

You’re on your Prismata Tour currently. What have been some of your favorite moments so far, and what are you still looking forward to?

Of course first and foremost I love meeting everyone on the road and sharing the same energy. Secondly I would have to say watching guys like muerte and Oddprophet do their thing every night. Seeing their journey begin is a blessing. 

The tour has a stacked support lineup! How was that curated?

It was curated by me. I always chose the lineups on my tours. I happen to manage muerte and Oddprophet so it’s nice being to be able to close to them to help shape their experience as touring artists. 

What should fans expect from your upcoming performances in Phoenix and Albuquerque?

They can expect a whole lot of energy from top to bottom, mixed in with a few key feelsy moments. I can’t wait to be back, it’s been YEARS since my last show in Arizona! Thank you for having me <3

Catch Bear Grillz in Phoenix on September 16th, and in Albuquerque the following night, September 17th.

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