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Georgia’s Counterpoint Music Festival Cancelled For 2016

On March 11, 2016, it was revealed on the twitter handle of CounterPoint Music Festival, a Kingston Downs-based music festival located in the state of Georgia that gave the south a slew of artists like Flosstradamus, Griz, Major Lazer, Outkast, Knife Party, and Zedd, will not be returning in 2016, with their tweet having a tone of finality. There is no question that the loss of the festival will disappoint many, especially after the loss of Georgia’s TomorrowWorld, which was another outlet for the EDM community in Atlanta.

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There are no further updates on of the future of the festival, but it seems fans might have to go elsewhere to find the big names they’ve expected from CounterPoint. Citing on their Facebook page “that we [the organizers] are working on several options concerning the festival’s return,” the lack of updates on its status quo do not seem unfamiliar when a festival disappears from an area.While this will be a disappointment for all festival-goers in Georgia alike, the dedicated hedonists will always find a way to party on.

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