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RBDeep In the Mix: Clapcast #31

The mysterious Claptone has been a force to be reckon with for the last few years in the House scene. The rise of the iconic plague doctor mask has been closely tied in with the rise of both Tropical House and Tech House a few years ago. His signature sounds are the slow house beats, usually around 120 beats per minute, with very catchy piano lead, combined with the wide, and surrounding chill bass, making the perfect fusion between the chill vibe of Tropical House and the energetic drops of Tech House. In the House community, Claptone is known for the having an incredibly large library and the versatility to never repeat a set. To showcase his library and skill set, Claptone makes a weekly hour-long podcast mix, featuring the newest banging tracks that he has been playing around the world, called Clapcast. The mix that was chosen to be in this week’s RBDeep in the Mix is Clapcast #31, which was his second latest weekly mix.

This mix was perfect at showcasing Claptone’s versatility and individuality, which is the main reason why it is featured in this RBDeep in the Mix. It starts out with a very mellow, floating vibe of a well produced track from Kidnap Kid called “Moments“. The mix picks up its tempo as Claptone smoothly makes the transition into tracks from a few underground artists, such as Applescal, and Paflo, showcasing his massive library. After the chill vibes to warm up the audience, by the fourth track, about 16 minutes into the mix, he makes a gigantic drop to kick the tempo up another notch. Starting with a drop into a deeper bass, Claptone gives the audience a Tech House/Techno get-down vibes with a sick track from FreedomB, called “Bring It Back”. For the rest of the mix, he continuously switch back and forth between Tech House and Techno tracks, while continue to keep the bpm at 120, making the audience feels all of his little tricks and changes on the deck, while still getting down to possibly the Tech-est vibe around.

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