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Seven Lions Is Back With ‘Creation’ EP

Its been a year since Seven Lions has graced us with an EP, and now he’s back with seven tracks on Casablanca Records that I think we can all respect taking so long to be released. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Jeff himself at Crush Music Festival in February where he gave me a few details on the upcoming release, it was very exciting for him to share with me some inside info about his upcoming work. He shared with me that it would be released in the end of March with around six tracks and three of them instrumentals.

He’s titled the EP ‘Creation,’ and each of these seven creations is a true work of art. This is an exciting release from Jeff as he returns to his musical inspirations and explores a variety of genres such as house, trance, dubstep, metal, and folk. Seven Lions shares, “really glad to finally get this EP out there. Some of these songs I have been working on for years. A few of these you will recognize from my recent live sets,” says Seven Lions. “As well as having some high energy songs, for this EP I really wanted to experiment with some non dance floor related tracks and really get back to my metal and acoustic roots. Hope you guys enjoy!

Also during our interview, Seven Lions voiced his opinion on the importance of making making music because you love it instead of worrying about what people will think of it, and I think that really shines through on ‘Creations.’ Like he said in his quote above, he was able to relate back to his roots when creating the EP and his passion and talent is loudly heard. Even though he was just here at Crush, I look forward to Seven Lions hopefully returning to Arizona and hearing ‘Creations’ live!

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