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The “Force” Is Strong With TroyBoi

If you find that you’re both an EDM fan and a Star Wars nerd, then chances are you’ve found the magical combination of the two that is Head Space. This collaborative album has a variety of producers on it each with their own electronic interpretation of the various themes of the film series. You can dig up tracks from DJs such as Baauer, Galantis, and GTA. One of the standout tracks is from London trap producer, TroyBoi, who brings us his smooth and somewhat silly track “Force.”

If you enjoy laser sounds, the Wii Shop theme, weird wobbly bass lines, and heavy breathing, this is the track for you. Familiar Darth Vader-breathing is stylized over over some funky bright chords and it gets funkier and funkier as it goes on with some lightsaber-esque sounds. And just when you think they can’t layer it on any more, a very TroyBoi drop sneaks up on you with a round and uncommon bassline that demonstrates TroyBoi’s signature sound. And of course, he caps it off with that familiar Speak & Spell tag. The artist describes his genre as “#MyStyle,” on his Facebook page and that shows with all of his tracks, “Force” included:

Another standout track comes from the house king Kaskade, “C-3PO’s Plight.” A more mellow track, this features many sounds that any Star Wars viewer would recognize, making this a fun song for fans. You’ll also definitely pick up on the Kaskade sound when you listen and a few elements that resemble a tropical house sound later on. Give it a listen below:

Kaskade – C-3P0’s Plight (Audio Only)

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