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Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma Release Space Sheep

We all know Oliver Heldens for his sense of humor, shuffling skills, and fun animal related tracks, and he’s released an awesome new track with two dudes named Zki & Dobre. They’re from the Netherlands, have gone by many alias’s but are currently known as the dutch house duo ‘Chocolate Puma.’ Their biggest international hits remain to be “Give It Up” in 1993 and “Who Do You Love Now?” which they released calling themselves ‘The Good Men.’

Heldens debuted a new track titled “Space Sheep” at Ultra Music Festival. While some may have been confused as he played it alongside Don Diablo, the track is actually a collaborative effort with Chocolate Puma.

While Heldens has quite a signature sound to his tracks, “Space Sheep” will take you by surprise with a fun future drop and perfect blend of both artists. The track has been released on Oliver’s Heldeep Records SoundCloud, but a higher quality version will be available May 2nd.

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