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3 Nu Disco / Disco House Tracks That Keep the Funk Alive In 2016

There are some genres that are better left in the past, while others simply wouldn’t fit in with today’s music sensibilities. We at Relentless Beats have tipped our hats to the genre of disco before, in varying degrees, and there is no shame to be had. Disco, although generating wide anger by rock fans in the late 1970s and early 80s, provided the basement of the house we all know as the umbrella genre of EDM; Yes, although we might not carry the same audiophile sensibilities of old-school synthesizers as well as artificial instruments mimicking orchestras in the sense of the past decades, disco started a community of club-goers that peaked during the 80s introduction of house music.

In the year of 2016, the need for Nu-Disco has diminished, but the fun of sub-genres also includes watching them grow, die, or even transform into something greater (*cough* Techno).

We can all make the claim of who started the house movement, and name the major players, but unbeknownst to the public eye, Disco has managed to survive and mold itself into something with recognizable elements, but what has fused into a more perfect union between house and disco. In honor of the Nu-Disco/Disco House movement, we will be looking at three songs from modern artists who are still keeping the kernel of hope alive for a genre that has shrunk in recent years:

3. Classixx – Safe Inside Featuring Passion Pit

Safe Inside – Classixx feat. Passion Pit

Passion Pit provides smooth vocals on this chill dance by Michael David and Tyler Blake, who come to form Classixx as what seems to be a departure from the Daft Punk stereotype. While the backbeat does feature what some may mistake as disco monotony, Classixx is actually channeling the original elements of 1970s disco, instead of following what beats were popular during Daft Punk’s resurgence that gave the 2010’s a little more disco. The vocals of Passion Pit might make you think this is a song from your high school days. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you; it’s pretty hard when their contributions to the song give a distinct acoustic yet modernized sound against the familiar genre riffs spliced into something new. Although Classixx as a duo only has two albums under their belt, they have released consistent streams of work.

2. Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Summertime (Maratta Remix)

In an odd contribution to the Soundcloud universe, someone decided to give a 2016 Disco House spin on a classic that should be mentioned more often. Will Smith’s smooth vocals that slide across a macarena beat midway through the song gives way to a heady section of brass. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff don’t mess around on this hip-hop remix and with newcomer Maratta on the helm (only bearing 160 followers), proves his worth to bat in the major leagues with a sophisticated bassline that puts the disco-hate to shame. Coming in at second place, Summertime is a contemporary ode to classic hiphop mixed with blaring groovy sounds.

1. Voju – Driftin’

Stationed in Berlin, Germany, Voju’s Driftin’ provides an even deeper dive into the sub-sub genres of Cosmic Disco and Funky House.While the genre norms may be obscure even for most producing mavens, Driftin’ provides no vocals, yet charms the listener with its funktastic bassline melded with disco sensibilities that a live band could only benefit of playing the piece. One listen could be the equivalent to a Casio keyboard on ketamine, for Driftin’ has all the direction in mind, yet goes where you wouldn’t expect it to. Some may call it a little too slow for their taste, but upon closer inspection, you’re bound to find the genius in the blending of synths that come together in unique solo moments without their being any live instruments present. Although Voju is also a relatively new artist, Driftin’ definitely embodies the genre yet also earns its spot on number one on the list.

Disco House / Nu Disco are words that you rarely hear in the genre of anything electronic, but with a little bit of sleuthing work, you can find rewarding treasure in the trove of sub-genres. Although some of these artists might be unfamiliar to you, take a listen, for all three of these selections embody the past of including elements of classic Disco, but also combining music with other genres to set themselves apart from the others. Daft Punk may have known how to get funky, but these guys never let the funk die in the first place.

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