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Joining Just Blaze in the Studio

Just Blaze, otherwise known as Justin, is a New Jersey raised producer coming to Phoenix for this year’s Trapfest. Along with TroyBoi, Stooki Sound, and others, Just Blaze will certainly bring some primitive sounds to Phoenix.

In 2014, Just Blaze released a video where he chats about the evolution of electronic music and ghost producing. He mentions the first time he ever heard two tracks on top of each other. His cousin produced a remix with two different versions of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ layered with a new synthesizer tone doubled into the mix.

Just Blaze on Rise of DJs, Ghost Producing, What It Takes to Be a Great DJ and More

Surprisingly or not, Just Blaze hints towards how popular ghost producing is. Ghost producing is when a producer hires someone or a team of people to create their music for them. He put into consideration how busy some of the djs are when they are on the road playing shows for most of the year. It makes you wonder which producers are actually making their own music.

Whether Just Blaze is really using his equipment to play a set in front of a crowd is not often questioned. He is known for being a straight up kind of dude when it comes to composing music. If you are looking for some original beats you may have never heard before, check out Just Blaze at this year’s Trapfest @ The Pressroom on July 16.

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