Relentless Beats

Some Wubs For Your Subs

Attention all wub-seeking, headbanging human beings. Dubstep has been on the rise again, and plenty of us couldn’t be happier.

Dubstep was first introduced to England in the late 90’s. It was a mixture of multiple genres including reggae, drum and bass, and breakbeat. Dubstep had it’s big break around 2005 when artists Skrillex, Caspa, and Rusko made a name for it. Today, dubstep is back in action as plenty of artists are incorporating it into their style. Zomboy, Bear Grillz, Protohype, and Borgore are just some of the producers that have paved the way for the genre’s reappearance.

Ready to unleash your bass face? Get ready for it to surface with these 15 tracks:

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