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The Road to Dirtybird Campout Has Begun with Christian Martin’s New Mix

With summer in full swing, grills everywhere are lighting up as the Dirtybird Players hit the road for their summertime series, Dirtybird BBQ, which is essentially like your typical family reunion/Fourth of July gathering, but with badder tunes and better booty shaking. But where does that road lead to? Well, to the Dirtybird Campout, of course! Dirtybird BBQ serves as merely a pregame to an incredible three days of burgers, beats, and boat rides. Dirtybird Campout is a never-ending playdate with incredible activities, nonstop music, and a proliferating weirdness that you just can’t help but embrace, and personally, I’ve been counting the days to go back since I left.  I’m not the only person who felt such an incredible emotional connection to the event.  In his Soundcloud post, Christian Martin mentions how deeply the experience at Dirtybird Campout resonated with him,

“Last year, the inaugural Dirtybird Campout had a profound effect on me. It captured a blast of innocence and joy like no other festival I’ve ever been to. The combination of beloved camp activities and earthshaking sound left me with an enduring sense of optimism that I carry to this day. I hope this mix conveys at least a tiny fraction of the love I feel when remembering last year’s Campout, and at least an iota of the anticipation I feel looking ahead to this October.”

In the mix, Christian Martin seamlessly blends tracks from the likes of Moon Boot and ZDS, along with including some of his collaborations with Chris Lorenzo and Ardalan, the cherry on top, however, is his latest release with his brother, Justin Martin on the track “Midnight”, featured on Hello Clouds. If this mix is just a taste of what Christian Martin’s got in store for Dirtybird campers in October, I’d advise grabbing your ticket soon, because this is a festival you won’t want to miss!

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