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EDMovie Madness: Watch Marshmello Get Bullied In His Video For “Alone,” + SunSquabi & Crystal Castles

If you like electronic dance music and music videos then keep on reading and tune in with me weekly to read about edm’s latest and greatest music video’s. This week for EDMovie Madness I will be covering three music video’s from your favorite jet puffed hidden identity, Marshmello, GRiZ and SunSquabi, and Crystal Castles.

Marshmello – Alone

In Marshmello’s most recent video for his track “Alone” Mello plays his adolescent self as he wanders the halls of his high school, constantly being picked on by bullies while trying to catch the attention of a girl from his class. She goes to his house to deliver a rejection note, but finds him practicing his DJ skills. As the word spreads around school about his musical talent, the students who once picked on the Mellogang leader join his rabid fanbase. And to add a little spice to the video, Marshmello throws some subtle shade on Deadmau5 due to their ongoing feud. In the beginning of the video Marshmello is seen feeding his pet mouse, and a name tag on the cage with the name Joel, a clear reference to deadmau5′ real name Joel Zimmerman.

Marshmello – Alone [Monstercat Official Music Video]

SunSquabi – Odyssey

Colorado based electro-funk band SunSquabi teamed up with GRiZ were recently seen jamming out together at Electric Forest with other members of All Good Records, and also teamed up for the upbeat and funky track “Odyssey,” also the title track for SunSquabi’s latest EP. Now they offer us a very entertaining music video if you’re into winter sports. The video for “Odyssey” was produced by ski production company level 1 and displays footage of thrilling ski stunts juxtaposed to clips of live concert footage. While these are two entirely different environments the energy of the track somehow blends them perfectly and makes me want to go snowboarding with some funk playing through my earbuds.

SunSquabi – Odessey ft Griz

Crystal Castles – Concrete

Crystal Castles have just released a music video for their song “Concrete,” and wether it be the flashing imagery or pulsating beat it’s music video will have you looking up the next nearest festival to you. The video features new member Edith Frances singing to the camera as she winds her way through a festival crowd at night. With somewhat of a sinister manner, the video does a great job portraying all the sweat and glory that is festival season.

Crystal Castles – Concrete

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