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Artist Spotlight: Louisahhh, The Queen of French Techno

New York bred, Paris based. LOUISAHHH!!! (a name chosen ‘as a war cry or a shriek of delight) is one of a kind.

After picking up and moving from the US to Paris to be closer to the iconic Bromance record label, she has since become an icon herself in the local and international techno scene.

Her style? Dark, deep, aggressive techno.

Last year she released her ‘Shadow Work’ EP with Bromance records. Check it out:

In an interview with Sniffers, Louisahhh opened up about the meaning of ‘Shadow Work’ and said “Everybody has dark parts, it’s human. ‘Shadow Work’ was about reintegrating that stuff. A lot of it was scary to put out there but has been really rewarding because it’s the first thing that’s not just aesthetic dance music but that has really been a true voice for me.”

Not only is she killing the French techno scene herself, but she’s also created a label of her own with French producer Maelstrom. Together, they gave birth to RAAR and have since released some of the most powerful techno heard in years.

This Saturday, Louisahhh is making her Phoenix debut at Monarch Theatre for a 21+ show. Grab your tickets here and prepare yourselves for an unforgettable night.

Connect with Louisahh: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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