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Boys Noize Delivered the Most Sinister Techno Set at HARD Summer and I’ve Never Felt More Savage

Guess what… found my new favorite DJ this weekend. There’s just something about dark, dirty, grimy, sinister, techno music that makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong… but in the rightest of ways.

I’d always known of Boys Noize, what he was about, and his significance in the business, but I’d never actually seen him. I was missing out.

After dropping his latest album, Mayday, an album full of different tech sounds from light to dark and from heavy to minimal, Boys Noize came out in full force to deliver a set that accurately translated the purpose of his album. With that said, this was Boys Noize’s night. He robbed the show, and for me, stuck out like a diamond in the rough.

There was no one else like Boys Noize, aside from Rezz, on the lineup. However, in regards to Rezz, Boys Noize had the advantage of both notoriety and a prime timeslot. The dark techno lent to the night and made for an unmatched experience… especially with the inclusion of Mayday’s opening track “Overthrow.”

As the track builds, with the piercing synths increasing in volume throughout the duration of the song, the driving baseline of the song kicks in along with the quick fire lyrical “I can break it down like this.” We reach a crescendo, and as an audience know that its about to go off. Looking up into the sky to see lights flailing around like the arms of attendees, “Overthrow” drops into a catastrophic whirlwind of pure dark bliss and so do I. I’ve truly never felt more…. savage.

With that, I say thank you to Boys Noize for this may in fact go down as one of my most memorable festival moments of all time. I look forward to many more in the future.

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