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EDMovie Madness: Duelle “Want’s It All” In Their New Video, Steke Aoki’s Netflix Documentary, And A Look Behind The Scenes Of Flume’s Live Show

EDMovie Madness is back once again fulfilling all your music video cravings. This week I will be featuring an underground party themed video from your favorite trap queen sisters, Duelle, a sneak peek at an upcoming Netflix documentary about Steve Aoki, and a look behind the scenes of Flume’s amazing live show.

Duelle – Want It All

Duelle has done it yet again by exceeding expectations with their new summer trap anthem “Want It All” off their upcoming EP. And that’s not all, it comes with a music video as well. The sisters themselves are featured in the video dancing, drinking, and letting loose. The video displays kids of the underground fighting for their right to party, and “wanting it all.”

Netflix – Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Only on Netflix August 19

Steve Aoki has traveled a long road from starting a record label in his apartment to becoming one of electro house music’s biggest names. We’ll get to join him for the ride in a new documentary coming to Netflix August 19th. The documentary titled “Ill Sleep When I’m Dead,” delves into more than just how Aoki became so successful — it explores the forces and principles that have driven him to extreme lengths, like cracking 300 shows in a single year. He admits that he grew up trying to impress his father, Rocky Aoki, a man who not only founded Benihana Restaurant, but was an offshore boat racer and even once qualified for the Olympics in wrestling. Regardless of his reputation for cake-throwing or his ridiculously long hair, Steve Aoki is one of the most successful DJ’s, and an influential figure. Steve Aoki will be joining us at a Release Pool Party on September 24th to celebrate 20 years of Dim Mak.

Flume: Adventures (Europe 2016)

The one and only Flume is currently finishing his highly successful tour around New Zealand and Australia and will now be heading to North America to embark on a beautiful adventure. In the midst of this busy schedule, Flume recently released a video that recaps his adventures around Europe this year. Throughout this video, the process behind Flume’s concerts is showcased, which includes the stage construction, the sound checks, the light shows, and the work of his crew to assemble an unforgettable show for fans night in and night out. Aside from these technical aspects, Flume’s life while touring is also displayed as well as shots of the die hard crowds from the numerous venues he has performed at. I don’t know about you, but this recap has me even more excited for his stop here in AZ on September 27th. This is one show you absolutely don’t want to miss.

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